Carolina Feather Fanciers Association

Member Listing

The purpose of this page is to give our members a form to list their information on the club web site so other poultry breeders may contact them for birds to purchase.  Only those members that have consented to have their information included on this page are listed here in. There are many other club members not listed. The members listed here in are from CFFA Greensboro  There is no charge for members to list their information on this page.

These listing are in random order listing the breeds and varieties of poultry first.   There are other club members that chose not to be listed.

                                                                                                                                             Description of Fowl                                 E-mail Address (s)                Telephone                 Name and Position (s)

Belgian Booted Bantams - Golden Neck, White, Self Blue, Mille Fleur, & Black 336-791-0141   Karl F. Urshel,
  PAST President of  CFFA
  Member since 1972    until  1978 
  Rejoined in 1989 
Member BD & BB Club since 1972 
Past President of  BD & BB Club. 2001-2016
Past Sec./Tres. BD & BB Club  1997-2001
Belgian d'Uccle - White, Mottled, Black, Mille Fleur, Golden Neck and Porcelain  Guineas-  White and Lavender
336-342-6555 THE Hodgin Family
Carolina Feather Fanciers member BD & BB Club Member since 2004
Silkies and Cochins for now 336-855-6969 Anna & Hank Lane  Members since 10-07
Modern Game Bantams, Lemon Blue, Brown Red, and BB Red 336-228-8729 Vice President Lynn Hines. Member Since 1980
No Birds at this time 336-601-1283 Treasurer  Cheryl L Joines member since 2012

Jersey Giants, Booted Bantam, d'Uccle, Modern Game, Old English and Guineas
585-472-6698 Kristina & Timothy Wilson became members in 2014
All Large fowl: Ameraucana, Black Australorps,  Silver Laced Wyandotte, Buff Orpington, Cuckoo Marans,
Delaware, New Hampshires, Rhode Island Reds 704-840-4232 Erin, Greg Eriksen  and Emma Lambert, Became members in 2016